Dr. Lisa Peterson, LLC

P.O. Box 135
Granby, CT 06035



Dr. Peterson examines KItty at home with her veterinary assistant

Dr. Lisa Peterson is a traveling veterinarian who visits the homes of clients to provide veterinary care for their cats and dogs.  She graduated from Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine in 1997 and after working at stationary veterinary hospitals for many years, she began offering house calls in 2012.

“A veterinary visit is a necessary but often stressful event for both the pet and the caretaker.  I began offering house calls to help minimize this stress."

"I examine pets where they feel safe and comfortable."

"Clients appreciate the convenience and the time saved by not having to travel and wait at the vet's."

"I enjoy seeing the personalities of my patients when they are in their own environment."

"I feel that a veterinary house call can be a winning solution for everyone involved."

——Lisa M. Peterson, MS, DVM

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Dr. Peterson provides many of the same services that a vet at a stationary animal hospital provides.  She performs a thorough physical exam, vaccinations, various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, nutritional counseling and weight management, behavior advice, and euthanasia and aftercare.  Unlike a stationary hospital, Dr. Peterson is not able to offer emergency or critical care.  If you need information about an emergency clinic, please visit the Emergencies page.  

Dr. Peterson can be reached by phone, email and text.  Although she strives to return all inquiries on the same day, if she is out on a house call, she may not be able to respond immediately.  Phone calls and emails are monitored throughout the day from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. and routine inquiries are addressed within 48 hours.  Dr. Peterson does not offer house call services and may not return phone calls or emails on Fridays and Sundays. 

House call services are available to clients in Granby, CT and surrounding towns in northern Connecticut and Massachusetts.  Please visit the Towns Served page for more information.