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Ten Reasons why a Veterinary House Call

Could Be Right for You and Your Pet 


Blue Paw bulletYour cat is difficult to catch and then get into a carrier

Blue Paw bullet Your dog gets sick in the car

Blue Paw bullet Your pet is anxious and afraid at the vet's

Blue Paw bullet Your elderly dog has a tough time getting into the car

Blue Paw bullet YOU have mobility issues that make it difficult to get your pet to the vet

Blue Paw bullet You get stressed trying to manage multiple pets OR pets and kids at the vet's

Blue Paw bullet You would like to avoid spending extra time waiting at the vet office

Blue Paw bullet You prefer the convenience of having the veterinarian travel to you 

Blue Paw bullet You prefer a longer, more relaxed visit with the vet

Blue Paw bullet You want your pet's end-of-life care to be in the comfort and familiarity of your own home