Dr. Lisa Peterson, LLC

P.O. Box 135
Granby, CT 06035




 Physical Exam from head to tail

 Vaccinations based on risk of exposure to disease

 Blood testing and interpretation including heartworm testing, health screens, and some specialized testing

 Fecal analysis to check for intestinal parasites

 Urine analysis to check for infection, kidney function, protein loss

 Diagnostic procedures including skin scraping, ear smears, fine-needle aspirates of lumps

 Health-related grooming services  like claw clipping, mat trimming, ear cleaning and anal gland expressing

 Nutrition and weight counseling

 Behavior advice 

 Euthanasia and aftercare/cremation

Prescription Medications

A small quantity of prescription medications are stocked for use during the house call visit.  For other prescription products, like heartworm preventative and therapeutic diets, the product is ordered from a reputable pharmacy and then shipped directly to the client's home.