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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  Can you give me advice about my pet over the phone?

No, legally, I am not able to give medical advice over the phone unless there is a valid Veterinarian-Client-Patient relationship.  This means that I must have examined your pet and met with you before I can give advice.  However, I am happy to speak with anyone about his or her pet in order to determine if a veterinary house call is advisable.

2.  Do I need to have my pet's previous veterinary records available?

It's always a good idea to have your previous veterinarian's written medical notes available for me to review prior to the house call visit.  This way, I can become familiar with your pet's medical history, clarify any issues with you and prepare for potential problems prior to the visit.

3.  Can you contact my previous veterinarian for my pet's medical records?

No.  Only the legal "owner" of the pet can request records.  Once you have given permission, your veterinarian can send the records to me by fax, email or regular mail (see below).

FAX:      1-888-506-3258

EMAIL:  drlisapetvet@sbcglobal.net

MAIL:    P.O. Box 135
              Granby, CT 06035

4.  What happens during a typical house call visit?

Every house call visit is different and the difference depends on such things as the reaction of your pet, the space that we're working in and the needs of the client.  For all visits, my goal is to help everyone be as comfortable as possible.  Prior to the visit, I provide you with specific information on preparing your pet and your home.  During the visit, I try to examine your pet where he or she is most comfortable.  I use pheromone sprays and specially developed music that can have calming effects on dogs and cats.  I also bring lots of tasty treats for your pet to enjoy during the visit.  I take my time working with the pet and I give lots of breaks if needed to help your pet feel comfortable.  I generally allow one hour for the house call visit if it involves one pet and additional time for additional pets.  I make sure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed.

5.  Do I have to hold my own pet during the visit?

No, for safety reasons, I cannot allow clients to hold their own pets during the house call visit. I work with skilled and gentle veterinary assistants who help me with handling my patients.  However, I prefer that you stay nearby so that your pet feels safe.

6.  Can I order prescription medication through you?

As long as a valid Veterinarian-Client-Patient relationship exists with me, I can prescribe and order prescription medications for you.  I stock a small amount of medications to use during the house call visit.  For other medications, like heartworm prevention and special diets, I order the product and it is delivered directly to your home.

7.  What happens if my pet needs a procedure like a dental cleaning that you cannot provide?

If your pet needs a procedure that I cannot perform in the home, such as XRAYS and procedures requiring anesthesia, I will assist you in finding a vet at a stationary hospital who can help with your pet's needs.

8.  How much does a veterinary house call visit cost?

The cost of a house call visit varies depending on the services performed and the medications dispensed.  All house call visits involve a house call/travel fee and an exam/consultation fee.  Any additional charges depend on the needs of the patient and the desires of the client.  

I am happy to provide you with an estimate of the cost at your request.

9.  Do you have payment plans?

No, I am not able to offer payment plans.  I require payment in full at the time of the house call visit.

10.  Can I get a copy of my pet's records after your visit?

Yes, I provide house call clients with a copy of my medical notes from the visit within a few weeks of the house call.